Lavender + Cocoa Dry Shampoo

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It ain’t great for the health of your hair + scalp to wash your hair every day, dry shampoo absorbs oil + adds body so ‘no shower day’ can be ‘awesome hair day’. Yet upon inspection of the dry shampoos out there on the shelf, even the products deeming themselves ‘natural’ are loaded with aluminum. Applying aluminum to your armpits is bad, but to your head - where your brain lives, is just silly.

The cocoa adds a yum smell + adds a little color so your hair doesn’t look dull/powdery, the starch + clay absorbs oil. The light brown color will work with all hair shades. A little lavender essential oil promotes a healthy scalp. 

To use, dip a makeup brush into the powder and tap off the excess. Part your hair at its oiliest sections + apply the powder using the brush. You may want to wrap a towel around your shoulders as not to get powders on your threads. Once you’ve applied the powder to your satisfaction, turn your head upside down and brush through. One container lasts a long while!

Ingredients: Cocoa powder, Arrowroot starch, Kaolin clay, Lavender essential oil

2 fl oz

Made in Oakland, California by Fat + The Moon.

Fat + The Moon is a handcrafted herbal body care business based in Oakland that specializes in small batch organic products. Founder Rachel Budde experiments with age-old ingredients + recipes passed down from healing traditions to produce innovative yet simple products that are good for both the body + earth.