Arrowhead Chain Stitched Patch

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3"x 4.5" chain stitched felt patch. Iron-on backing: place a damp cloth on top of the patch + press hot iron for 8-10 seconds. We also recommend stitching it in place to keep it more secure. Each patch may vary slightly due to the nature of being a one-of-a-kind item. Handmade in Austin, TX by Die Trying TX.

Die Trying TX, headquartered in Austin, was founded by Lacy Van Court. Lacy comes from a dusty, long line of West Texas misfits + ranchers that have been in Texas just about as long as Texas has been around. After working in a variety of creative fields and mediums, she was drawn to the art of chain stitch by its combination of craft, its deep roots in western culture + as a way to continue to express the themes important to her work. Using the same hand-operated machines that were used to create traditional western wear, Die Trying TX offers a line of one of a kind pieces meant to be collected, loved + lived in.